Mindfulness has a very high return on investment.

I can help you and your team develop greater mindfulness.

Mindfulness does not require a reconsideration of faith.

Although meditation is often associated with several religions, sophisticated mindfulness practices can be found in virtually every religion, tradition, and culture. Mystics associated with many different traditions and cultures often find that they are describing similar experiences and insights, merely with different labels, models, and stories. While many practitioners see meditation through the lens of their faith, it is available and useful to those of all backgrounds and requires no reconsideration or adoption of faith. With respect to mindfulness, the only faith required is similar to that of developing any skill: the faith that it could be of benefit and that one can develop the skill with practice. As with any other developed skill, practitioners often find early benefit and can replace faith with the knowledge of their own empirical experience.

Meditation Styles

I teach four styles of meditation in The Mind Illuminated tradition, a complete system integrating Buddhist wisdom and brain science. The Mind Illuminated is not a religious or faith-based practice and no conversion of faith is discussed or expected, but I can adapt my teaching for organizations that are particularly sensitive.

My Meditation Experience and Background

I have practiced meditation for over 2,000 hours, spent over 150 days in mostly retreat, and have received nearly 200 hours of instruction in a meditation teacher training program.

I am studying with John Yates, PhD. (Upasaka Culadasa), a neuroscientist, scholar, and meditation master with over 4 decades of experience. He is the author of “The Mind Illuminated,” an acclaimed and highly-detailed meditation textbook. I teach exclusively in his style but offer a purely secular lens where necessary. Like Culadasa, I teach mediation from a progressive and scientific perspective. Although the instruction draws from an authentic lineage of Buddhist wisdom and philosophy, it is firmly grounded in modern cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

I also study with Dr. Tucker Peck, a meditation teacher and clinical psychologist, who studied with Sharon Salzberg and Upasaka Culadasa. I’ve also spent a month in retreat with Daniel Ingram, author of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha.

Contact Me

I’d love to speak with you! Click here to easily book a free 30-minute video consultation at a time that meets your needs. If these times don’t for you, send me a message and we’ll work it out.

I’m located in Tākaka, New Zealand and serve teams both in-person and remotely. I prefer to plan and train in person and coach remotely. My timezone, NZT, is ideally suited for teams and individuals in both the Americas as well as East Asia.

I also seek to provide long-term, pro-bono mentoring to a New Zealand entity or entrepreneur focused on innovative or scalable approaches to urgent or highly neglected issues, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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